Rodney "Scotty" Morgan
Harris County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, February 26, 1974, just after midnight, Detective "Scotty" Morgan and his partner, a Houston Police Department narcotics officer, entered a bar in the 4500 block of Telephone Road. The two were working a narcotics case and were checking the location for individuals involved in the investigation. Both officers were acting in an undercover capacity. The manager of the club recognized Detective Morgan from a previous incident. Detective Morgan told the manager that he had gotten out of law enforcement and was now a "biker". After this conversation, Scotty left his partner and went to the restroom. After several minutes had passed, his partner went to the men's room to check on him. As he approached, he noticed two outlaw bikers standing outside the restroom door and was advised by them that the restroom was full. His partner forced his way into the restroom where he found two more outlaw bikers assaulting Detective Morgan. One had a knife to Scotty's stomach and the other was cutting his throat with a knife. The HPD officer fired a shot, not hitting anyone, and both suspects were taken under control. A short time later, a two man HPD patrol unit entered the bar responding to a shots fired disturbance. After being directed to the restroom, the lead HPD officer attempted to open the door. Scotty and his partner, believing that other outlaw bikers were entering the restroom, pushed the door closed. The HPD uniformed officer forced the door yelling "Police" and at the same time Detective Morgan turned toward the door also yelling "Police." Due to the small size of the rest room, the HPD uniformed officer and Scotty were almost face-to-face when the uniformed officer stepped in. Thinking he was about to be shot, and not hearing Detective Morgan's shout, the uniformed officer jumped back and fired once striking Detective Morgan in the chest, killing him instantly. The two men who were assaulting Detective Morgan were arrested and charged with Attempted Murder. Detective Scotty Morgan was 27 years old.

Patrick Allen Randel
Texas Department of Public Safety

Agent Randel was shot and killed during an undercover drug buy. He was attempting to purchase amphetamine pills when other officers lost contact with him. The other officers stopped the two suspects and then found Agent Randel shot to death in the front seat of his unmarked vehicle. One of the suspects was executed in 1985 and the second suspect had his sentence commuted to life.
Agent Randel was survived by his wife and three children.

Leland Dale Anderson
Austin Police Department

Officer Leland Anderson was killed when he was attacked by three men at the intersection of 8th Street and Congress Avenue. Officer Anderson had observed one of the subjects selling papers and had stopped to check if he was in compliance with City ordinances. When Officer Anderson attempted to arrest one of the men on outstanding traffic warrants, a fight ensued. One of the subjects gained control of Officer Anderson's gun and shot him. Despite Officer Anderson's bulletproof vest, one bullet entered between the front and rear panel and penetrated his chest. The subjects were arrested following a pursuit in which gunfire was exchanged.

James F. Kilty
Houston Police Department

Officer Kilty was shot and killed while attempting to serve a warrant with other members of the narcotics division. They were serving the warrant to an employee at a local hotel when the man approached and opened fire, striking Officer Kilty. Other officers returned fire, killing the suspect. Officer Kilty was transported to Ben Taub Hospital where here succumbed to his wounds a short time later.

Officer Kilty had been with the agency for 13 years and was survived by his parents, sister, and three brothers.

Gregory Urquiaga, Jr.
Galveston Police Department

Officer Urquiaga was accidentally shot and killed by another officer while searching for a suspect at 2300 hours. He and the other officers were conducting a raid on a heroin suspect in a condo complex, but the suspect was not there. The suspect's girlfriend was able to lure him back to the complex. When an empty elevator opened on the floor the officers began to scramble to find the suspect. As Officer Urquiaga proceeded through a stair well the other officer observed a body and pistol come around the corner quickly, and opened fire, fatally wounding Officer Urquiaga.

Officer Urquiaga had been with the agency for three years and was survived by his wife.

Jon Anthony Farrar
Fort Bend County Major Crimes

Detective Farrar was killed in an automobile accident on Highway 59 while returning from an assignment to teach a class at the police academy at the Wharton County Junior College.

James Lewis Dalrymple, Jr.
Texas Department of Public Safety

Sergeant Dalrymple was killed in an automobile accident during a narcotics investigation. He was stationed in Austin and had been with the agency for 22 years.

Bernabe Salazar, Jr.
San Antonio Police Department

Detective Salazar was shot and killed while serving a narcotics search warrant at a public housing project. The suspect fired two shots through the front door, striking Detective Salazar in the head. The suspect was apprehended and sentenced to 30 years in prison, but has since been paroled.

Detective Salazar had been with the agency for eight years and was survived by his wife.

Ruben Almanza
Corpus Christi Police Department

Sergeant Almanza was shot and killed while searching for a robbery suspect. The suspect shot Sergeant Almanza through a fence from an adjacent yard. The suspect was shot and killed by other responding officers.

Manuel Abelardo Segovia, Jr.
Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office

Investigator Segovia was shot and killed while he and several other officers executed a narcotics search warrant on a residence. Upon entry one of the suspects ran towards the rear of the home, with Investigator Segovia in pursuit. The man retrieved a weapon and opened fire, striking Investigator Segovia through a wall. Other officers returned fire, killing the suspect.

A unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Hidalgo County was named after Investigator Segovia.

Mario Alberto Salas
Del Rio Police Department

Sergeant Salas was killed when his vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer. He was working a drug deal at the time and was chasing one of the suspects when the accident occurred.

Sergeant Salas was survived by his wife, son, two daughters, and parents.

Paul Douglas Hulsey, Jr.
Beaumont Police Department

Officer Hulsey was shot and killed while investigating a vehicle with stolen plates. He had spotted the vehicle in a hotel parking lot and learned that it was stolen after running its tags. He requested backup after learning which room the suspect was in from the hotel manager. His backup officer was sent to another call involving a pedestrian fatality so Officer Hulsey approached the suspect as he came out of his room.

A violent struggle ensued and the suspect was able to retrieve a gun from the room and fatally shoot Officer Hulsey. Officer Hulsey had no idea that the suspect was wanted in Florida for killing a 14-year-old girl and in Indiana for killing a 16-year-old girl and robbing a bank. The suspect was later apprehended and subsequently sentenced to death and executed on December 9, 1997.

Officer Hulsey had been with the agency for eight years and was survived by his wife and two daughters.

David W. Jones
Comanche County Sheriff's Office

Chief Deputy Jones was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance. He was survived by his wife.

Roger Allen Bean
Liberty County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Roger Bean, a vice officer, was southbound on FM 770 near the Liberty- Hardin county line. He failed to negotiate a curve. His 1989 Dodge truck veered into a ditch, hit a culvert and overturned. The truck caught on fire with Bean trapped inside. Bean had also worked for the Crockett Police Department and as a reserve deputy for Liberty County Sheriff's Office before being hired in 1988. He was 33 years old at the time of his death. He was the son of Dayton Police Chief Ben L "Buddy" Bean.

Lawrence David Bromley
Dallas Police Department

Corporal Bromley was accidentally shot and killed by other officers during an undercover drug operation. He was purchasing narcotics from a suspect when the man pulled out a pistol. Responding officers mistook Corporal Bromley for a suspect and shot him with a police shotgun.

Corporal Bromley had been with the agency for ten years and is survived by his wife.

Henry L. Dancer, Sr.
Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knox County Sheriff Henry L. Dancer, Sr., was killed when his pickup overturned while he was en
route home from Wichita Falls.

Daniel Allen Ross
25th Judicial District Narcotics Task Force

Agent Ross was killed when his department vehicle was struck head on as he was returning from a surveillance assignment.

Agent Ross was assigned to the 25th Judicial District. He was survived by his daughter and three sons.

Shane Ronald Bennett
Harris County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Shane Bennett was accidentally shot and killed by another deputy as he and several other deputies responded to a home invasion call where shots had been fired. 

At least five gang members had broken into the home and were holding a woman and her two-month-old child. Dispatchers who heard shots notified the responding deputies who attempted to enter the home when they arrived. During the exchange of gunfire, two of the suspects were shot and killed, and Deputy Bennett was accidentally shot in the head by another deputy who was positioned behind him. Deputy Bennett was flown to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. 

All three of the remaining suspects were apprehended within 24 hours and charged with capital murder in connection with Deputy Bennett's death. The suspect who planned the home invasion was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Deputy Bennett had served with the Harris County Sheriff's Department for 9 years. He is survived by his wife, 20-month-old daughter, parents, and brother.

Larry Candelari
Pasadena Police Department

Pasadena Police Officer Larry Candelari died in the line of duty, on Friday night April 26, 2013, after he and another Pasadena Officer witnessed a serious accident on Interstate 10 near Kerrville, Texas. Officer Candelari was struck by an 18-wheeler and died at the scene.

​Jessica Laura Hollis
Travis County Sheriff's Office

Senior Deputy Jessica Hollis drowned after her patrol car washed away as she checked roadways for high water during a period of heavy rain at 1:50 am.

She was driving in the area of Fritz Hughes Park Road and Low Water Crossing Road, upstream of Lake Austin, when her patrol car was washed into the river. She was able to radio dispatchers that her vehicle was being swept away.

Her patrol car was located approximately 15 minutes later but she was not with it. The patrol car was recovered from the water later in the day. Deputy Hollis' body was recovered from Lake Austin on September 19th, 2014.

Senior Deputy Hollis had served with the Travis County Sheriff's Office for seven years and was a member of the agency's Dive Team. She is survived by her husband and 12-year-old son. Deputy Hollis' husband serves with the Austin Police Department.

Kenneth Joseph Starrs
South Texas Specialized Crimes & Narcotics Task Force

Assistant Commander Kenneth Starrs was killed in an auto crash when his department vehicle was struck by a freight train. Assistant Commander Starrs was en route to the task force when the collision occurred at an unprotected crossing.

Monty Dale Platt
West Texas A&M University PD

Corporal Platt died of complications stemming from an animal bite sustained on July 24, 2017. Corporal Platt attempted to capture an injured feral cat on campus and the cat bit the officer. Corporal Platt received medical treatment and was given medication that caused a severe allergic reaction. He was transported to the hospital and had to be placed on a ventilator. His condition deteriorated and he died on August 8, 2017.​


Gone but not forgotten...
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."                                                  John 15:13