The Texas Narcotic Officers' Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of law enforcement officers from the state of Texas.  The Executive Board consists of officers who volunteer their time for the primary purpose of educating law enforcement officers in the latest drug trends and providing training to officers to help stop the influx of drugs into their communities.

The Texas Narcotic Officers Association graciously accepts donations.  Donations are used to educate officers and to provide college scholarships for the children and grandchildren of TNOA members.

If you are interested in making a donation directly to the Texas Narcotic Officers' Association, please contact our Executive Director, Gilbert S. Gonzalez.  The Texas Narcotic Officers' Association thanks you for your support.

To make a donation, please contact:

Texas Narcotic Officers' Association
Executive Director
Gilbert S. Gonzalez
1790 Lee Trevino Dr Suite #505
El Paso, Texas 79936