The Texas Narcotic Officers Association is dedicated to providing high quality training for law enforcement professionals. Membership in TNOA is not exclusive to narcotic officers. Our members include: local, state, and federal peace officers, reserve officers, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, and other national and international associates. Any officer who has an interest in the drug problem in the state of Texas is welcome to join TNOA.

On May 5, 1970, by virtue of State Charter, State of Texas, the Texas Narcotic Officers Association was organized. Meetings were held by city, county, state and federal law enforcement officers, whose primary duty was the enforcement of drug-related laws in the state of Texas. For 50 years, TNOA has offered the finest training available in all areas of narcotic enforcement activities to the dedicated men and women who are our first line of defense against the proliferation of illegal drugs in our state. This web site is regularly updated to provide another avenue for the exchange of information and new techniques to all those who are interested in the fight against drug abuse.

TNOA is divided into five Regional Chapters organized according to geographical regions, to wit: North, South, East, West, and Central. Each Regional Chapter elects one Chapter Vice President and two Chapter Directors. Each Regional Chapter holds quarterly Regional meetings. The election of the Chapter Vice President and the Chapter Directors are held at the last quarterly meeting prior to the Annual Training Conference.  TNOA holds one annual meeting that is designated as the Annual Training Conference. 

The Executive Board of the Association consists of the President, the Executive Vice President, the First Vice President, five Chapter Vice Presidents, ten Chapter Directors, the Journal Editor/Historian/Webmaster, the State Training Officer, a Conference Coordinator and the Executive Director. 

Fentanyl Briefing Guide for First Responders

There is a significant threat to law enforcement personnel, and other first responders, who may come in contact with fentanyl and other fentanyl‐related substances through routine law enforcement, emergency or life‐saving activities. Since fentanyl can be ingested orally, inhaled through the nose or mouth, or absorbed through the skin or eyes, any substance suspected to contain fentanyl should be treated with extreme caution as exposure to a small amount can lead to significant health‐related complications, respiratory depression, or death.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has published a briefing guide for first responders to educate first responders on responding to fentanyl exposures.

Briefing Guide for First Responders

2019 TNOA Conference - Registration Now Open
August 19 - 22, 2019
South Padre Island Convention Center
7355 Padre Blvd.
South Padre Island, Texas

​TNOA will be celebrating the 50th Annual Training Conference at beautiful South Padre Island in August 2019.

Click the link below for registration and lodging information.

TNOA Executive Director Retires

TNOA wishes to announce the retirement of TNOA Executive Director Gilberto Gonzalez after honorably serving TNOA for 8 years.  Gilbert's commitment and dedication to this organization is to be commended, and he will be greatly missed.

Prior to his role as TNOA Executive Director, Gilbert retired with 24 years of experience as a Special Agent (S/A) with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He has extensive undercover experience working across the United States, Mexico and South America. During assignment to the DEA Los Angeles Division Office, S/A Gonzalez worked major money laundering investigations as both case agent and undercover agent. While on assignment in Guadalajara, Mexico, he investigated major Mexican drug trafficking violators. Later, in San Antonio, Texas, DEA assigned S/A Gonzalez to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in order to assist in the Southwest border initiative. And while at the El Paso Intelligence Center, S/A Gonzalez worked as the training coordinator for the center.

In 1998, S/A Gonzalez received the DEA Administrator's Award of Valor. In 2007, he received the National Drug Enforcement Officers Association Award of Valor.  

In addition to Gilbert's retirement, Gilbert's assistant, Victor Alba, is also retiring.  Victor has become a very valuable asset to TNOA and has worked tirelessly for the organization.  The Texas Narcotic Officers Association would like to thank Gilbert and Victor for their valuable contributions. We wish you both the best in retirement.

New TNOA Executive Director Selected

Former Texas DPS Major Corky Schalchlin has been selected as the new TNOA Executive Director.  ​Corky retired after serving 34 1/2 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He began his career as a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper in Orange County in 1982. In 1988, Corky promoted into the Narcotics Service and was stationed in the Dallas area as a Narcotics Investigator. As an investigator, Corky conducted overt criminal investigations and worked undercover drug investigations for 14 years. In 2002, Corky promoted to Lieutenant and oversaw drug squads in Houston and Dallas. In 2008, Corky promoted to Captain and was assigned as the Director of the Texas Fusion Center at DPS Headquarters in Austin where he was responsible for coordinating statewide intelligence gathering operations. In 2009, Corky promoted to Assistant Commander in the Narcotics Service. In 2010, Corky promoted to Major in the Criminal Investigations Division and was responsible for overseeing all major drug investigations and human trafficking investigations for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Major Schalchlin spent 7 years overseeing these investigations until retiring in 2016.  

Corky is a graduate of Buna High School (1979), Jacksonville College (1981), the Texas Department of Public Safety Training Academy (1982), the Drug Enforcement Administration Narcotics Commander Leadership Program (2002), and the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command (2007).

Corky has been a member of TNOA since 1988, has served on the Executive Board since 1993, and is a Past President (2000).  Corky was the Class President of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command Class #248.  Corky served on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies (2011 - 2016) and is currently on the Board of Directors for Traffick911, an anti-human trafficking organization.